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01 August 2007 @ 02:09 am
Hi, this is a LIMS (Last Icon Maker Standing) competition focused on the actor Jensen Ackles, who you might now from his roles in Supernatural, Smallville and Dark Angel.
Now, before you say anything, i am fully aware of jensen_lims, BUT i started this community for two reasons-
#1- i asked if there would be a next round at jensen_lims and i never got an answer..
#2- i wanted to start fresh and new on my own terms (i'm stubborn like that.)
and basically, can you really have too many icontest/lims communities dedicated to Jensen?? of course not.
In case you were wondering, i chose the name jensenlims, because jensen_lims was already taken and everything else sounded funny (seriously, jackles_lims?? jensenackleslims? ja_lims? i don't think so..)

And just so you know what you'll be getting into, here's what i have planned for this round and the following rounds to come-
ROUND #1- photoshoot/promo pictures
ROUND #2- "in character" (screencaps/stills from tv-shows and movies)
ROUND #3- public appearances/off set
(that is IF we get that far, but i'm sure with help from all of you, we can make this work!)

If, by any chance, you're worried about my "experience" in the field, then you can check dom_lims, beckinsale_lims and indie_lims, which i also currently run and they're all in the middle of their 2nd or 3rd round.

so if you find any of this interesting, please join up, sign-up and enjoy the ride!
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